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Useful Tricks Every Gardener Must Be Aware Of

Increasing the aesthetic appeal of your garden will not only make the your surrounding a healthier place but will also enhance your image as a responsible home owner and human being. In order to do this, one does not necessarily have to be a gardener or a pro in the field. Anyone who is interested in enhancing the appeal of their garden is welcome. There is no need to look for professional gardening services to do this, since there are various simple ways in which you can do this yourself. Most people falsely believe that beautifying the garden requires a lot of money and equipment. Although those are important, in actual truth, what you need the most is some extra time and dedication. If you are up for the challenge, here are some tricks that every gardening magician should know.

Pull out the weed

This seems like an obvious rule but it’s one that most do not commit to. You can use organic fertilizer Australia or even reliable imported products to ensure the safety of the garden. The habit of weeding might be difficult to get used to, but actually will turn out to be addictive once you start doing it frequently. Instead of plucking the weed every now and them, be a smart gardener and nip it at the bud. This means that you need to prevent the occurrence instead of controlling the growth. One way to achieve this is to cover your garden with wood ships or pint straw. This will reduce the amount of sunlight that the weed will get and thereby prevent the growth. If you are pulling the grown ones out, make sure to pull them out from the root.

Include a bird feeder

This will make your garden instantly beautiful and attractive. If you wish to create a relaxing atmosphere, then this is the best way to do it. It is important to keep the feeder well stocked with fresh seeds in order to attract the birds. One of the most beautiful garden birds is the Blue Jay. They are handy in Australia and quite easy to attract as well. All you need to do is to place peanuts or sunflower seeds in your feeder. While some may think that this is pointless effort since it is hard to attract birds to your garden, do know that the secret is to offer these creatures the right mixture of food. If you manage that correctly, your garden will become a safe haven for the birds in no time.

Add stepping stones

This is a rather costly attachment, but definitely an effective one. Stepping stones create a relaxed atmosphere which furthers increases beauty of the garden. When your garden features such inclusions, even the least eco-friendly member of your house would want to spend some outdoor time in the garden. These not only create a beautiful walking path for the guests and yourself, but will also prove to be useful when the garden is muddy and sticky during the wet seasons. If you are considering brick pavers, do know that stones are a better option. Not only because pavers are traditional and outdated but also because they are less attractive and available in limited choices in terms of price, design and style.

Plant roses

You might wonder why roses out of the all the flowers in the world. Well, the answer is simple. Firstly, roses are the most loved and recognized flowers in any part of the world. Not only are they beautiful but they have a refreshing aroma that can fill the garden with breathtaking smells. They are also available in various colours and sizes which will enable you to plant a variety within your garden. Moreover, regardless of where you live in Australia, it is very easy to grow roses since they are suitable for the country’s general climate. You will be able to select from a variety if you visit the nearest plant nursery in your neighbourhood. If you want big, beautiful rose bushes in your garden, the trick is to cut out of the excessive shoots and leaves. This will provide more emphasis to the flowers.


Apart from incorporating these techniques, it is also important to ensure that that your garden gets regular and efficient maintenance. If not, all the effort would be futile.