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Understanding the Legal Work Required Before A Construction Project Starts

There’s no doubt at all that construction projects can be very complex, and oftentimes overcomplicated due to the potential for so many little things to go wrong. It is for this reason that construction lawyers are such an indispensable part of the construction lawyers, as these experts help ensure that any legal issues can be prevented, both in the short term and long term. This is for the most part through the drafting of contracts and agreements, development of policies, clarifying issues related to payment and making sure that financial risks are acknowledged and managed. There’s a lot more to it, though – in this article we take a look at the legal work that should be done before a construction project begins.

The purpose of construction contract law

If you’re looking to find a construction lawyer in Melbourne, you should know that your decision should be based on a few key factors. Contracts are one of the primary areas that construction lawyers focus on, as these contracts will need to be written up for the entirety of the payment chain. Contractual agreements can be extremely intricate as there is a need to cover any potential possibilities that might occur. For this reason, agreements will include specific things like pay-if-paid and pay-when-paid clauses, claim notice provisions, no damage for delay clauses and arbitration clauses – basically, anything that might throw a spanner in the works. A lot of law-related work also needs to be invested in approvals, licensing, and planning. These will typically depend on the unique needs of the project, but whatever is required, a lawyer will help a client in obtaining consent where it is required. This is especially true when there is a specific license that must be applied for to pursue a project. Failing to obtain such a license can stall an entire project, costing significant time and resources in the process.

More areas of law construction lawyers manage

As you might have expected, property law is an integral part of construction law. Before a construction project can begin on an allocated space, it will be necessary to manage any related property laws that may interfere with construction. These might include existing disputes with previous owners or zoning, as not having everything cleared can be disastrous down the track. High turnover is a commonly accepted aspect of construction, and with this is paired a hole host of other inconveniences, whether they be hiring, firing, management, discrimination, and hostile work environments. It is because of this that employment law is an extremely important aspect of construction law. The nature of this employment means that people who work in the construction industry should also have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of construction law (as not knowing these laws is what commonly leads to issues). Because hiring and firing is closely linked to HR, construction lawyers can also closely work with people in this department in order to better manage disputes and other issues.

Do you need a construction lawyer for your next project?

If you’ve experienced issues with your own construction projects in the past, or are looking to manage a project in the future, securing a construction lawyer is of the utmost importance. Whether it be to write up contracts or help out with the employment side of things, investing in a construction lawyer is one of the best things you can do.