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What Not To Do When Redecorating Your Home

Redecorating is a big project, and not something to be undertaken without careful consideration. Before you make major changes to your home interior, be aware of the big redecorating don’ts that could spoil the entire look of your property. Stay away from these common décor mistakes and you should be on track to a successful home redesign.

  1. Don’t impulse buy. This is particularly important when it comes to shopping for new furnishings or paint colours for your walls. Before you buy something big like a new sofa or bed, take the time to get measurements, lay down tape to see how the piece will fit into your space, and shop around for a plenty of options. Buying furniture online can work well for finding great pieces on a budget – just remember to check the measurements to get a good sense of how the item will look in your home.
  2. Don’t paint based on one chip sample. When shopping for new paint for your walls, conduct a test run on a small section of your wall before making a decision. The chip in the store could look totally different in your home lighting, so it’s crucial to ensure that the shade is exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. Don’t take the opinions of other people too personally. Ultimately, your home is your own personal space. If you love a particular colour or furniture piece, it shouldn’t matter what your mother or best friend think of it. Focus on your own taste and needs. It’s fine to ask for advice when necessary, but make sure the final decision is your own. Otherwise, you could end up feeling remorseful and resentful a few months down the line.
  4. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Many people stick with neutral shades and generic décor in their home because they’re intimidated by the idea of making a big change. Thinking creatively and experimenting with new ideas for your interior could elevate your home dramatically. It may take a risk to get the outcome you’re hoping for.
  5. Don’t neglect the practicality of your placements. Carefully consider your day-to-day movements when redecorating. You may like the idea of having your sofa in a particular place but then find that it blocks an important pathway, which could end up causing you hassle on a practical level. Balance out functionality with aesthetics for the best result.
  6. Don’t forget pops of colour. When redecorating, you might be tempted to use your favourite colour for the walls and choose more neutral shades for your décor. You’ll find that the colour will pop more and create a more meaningful impact if you choose a neutral shade for the walls and then use your favourite colour around the property with throws, cushions, and other features.
  7. Don’t go matchy-matchy. A cohesive colour palette is great, but focusing too much on creating a matching effect could leave you with a tacky effect. Use varying shades of colour to draw the eye around the room, and don’t shy away from mismatching colours if you’re looking for a quirky feel. Too much of the same colour makes all of your décor blur into one, and means that the impact of each piece will easily be lost.