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Kitchen Renovation Tips

Renovating your kitchen is a big deal. This is the room where you probably spend a vast amount of your time, and getting small details wrong could lead to major problems down the line. If you want your space to be both stylish and functional, there are certain things you’re definitely going to need to know before you get started on the big remodelling project. Follow these tips to make sure your kitchen renovation goes perfectly, and stays firmly within your budget.

  1. Get your flooring right. The flooring you choose will depend on how much footfall your kitchen tends to get, as well as the overall look of the space you’re hoping to create. While some prefer rustic wood flooring for their kitchen, sleek tiling can be far sturdier. Tiling is also relatively inexpensive, and simple to clean, making it a more practical choice for many homes. Browse your options with a retailer like Johnson Tiles Australia and find the tiling that works with the look and function of your kitchen.
  2. Light up the space. Lighting is key in any interior design project, but it’s particularly important when you’re dealing with a room as frequently used as your kitchen. Recessed lighting is great if you’re working with a fairly small space as it won’t take up additional room, but hanging fixtures over a kitchen island can add a unique feature to the space. If recessed lighting isn’t providing enough warmth for your kitchen, surface-mount lighting fixtures can be a stylish alternative.
  3. Consider function in spacing arrangements. Function should come first when it comes to kitchen planning. Consider how you move about the space on a daily basis, and how much room is required between various furnishings and appliances. Think about how much time you tend to spend in each area, and how much distance you’ll want to walk between your fridge and stove. All of these things may seem trivial, but in practical situations they’ll be crucial.
  4. Cabinets or open plan? Installing cabinets is an important step in your renovation, but keep the alternatives in mind. If you have plenty of space to work with, you can use cabinets to store certain items and then use open shelves to show off your crockery and spices. If you prefer to keep everything hidden away in your kitchen, then compact cabinets (with decent lighting installed) may be the best choice.
  5. Make a statement with your stove. Your oven and stove are the focal point of your kitchen; so if you have the budget and space to work with, make the most of this feature. There are plenty of interesting and creative options out there, so think outside the box if you’re upgrading your stove this year. Consider a new metallic choice or a new style to instantly transform your kitchen.
  6. Get quirky with décor. Many people focus on the décor in the rest of their home and neglect their kitchen, opting for practicality over style. It is possible to add a touch of personality to your kitchen with quirky décor details or playful colour schemes. Use houseplants and flowers to bring natural beauty to the space, and place interesting vases and fruit bowls on your counter top to upgrade your kitchen’s overall look.