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How to prepare when selling your property

It’s time to move. You’ve outgrown the space you’re in, you’ve received a fat raise, or you’ve found a job somewhere else and the time has come to sell your home and move to new waters. Moving is an emotional experience, even if you’re super happy about the place or home you’ll be moving to. If you’ve been living in your home for a while, you’ll have a stack of memories related to the house that will make you super nostalgic nonetheless. It might be where you had your first home-cooked dinner date with your new husband, it might be where your children were born and where they learned to walk or ride a bike. But now that the time has come, you must ensure that you do all that you can do to get the best price on the property as well as selling it within a reasonable period of time. Having a house on the market for too long can also be damaging to your sales as well as draining on you. Follow these tips to help make sure you prepare properly when selling your house.

Make it look desirable

Use property styling agents to make your place look its best for the photos and open house days that will be used for marketing. You can entice buyers to make offers and bids much quicker if they like the atmosphere of the place, and so much atmosphere comes from the look and feel. They may even offer higher prices because it looks much more desirable than a place that is a little tatty and worn down.

Take good photos

Photos are what will be used on the internet and in brochures. Get a professional photographer to take some good photos that show the place off. A good flash and wide-angle lens will make a place look light and spacious and everything will appear bigger. It is also good to draw a floor plan so people can get an idea of the layout of the property and the house.

Expect a negotiation

Always set your selling price a little higher than what you hope to fetch. But you need to also know what your minimum offer will be because you don’t want to get negotiated down so low that you walk away from the loser. Be reasonable though when you set your price because if you make it too high, you’ll chase everyone away. Test out the price on the market for at the most three months, and if you’re really not getting much response, only then consider reducing the price. But don’t do this too many times otherwise people will think it’s a desperate sale and start offering you crazy low prices.

Open it up to agents

It’s very easy today to list the property online yourself. But use the local agents, especially those with a good reputation, to put the word out to their networks. They have long standing relationships with other agents, buyers and investors that they can call on.