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How to Make Your House Look New Again

Housing prices in Australian capital cities, especially Melbourne and Sydney, have soared to such a high extent that it has squeezed out many first home buyers hoping to own a home in Australia. Many of these hopeful first home buyers have turned to either moving back to their parents’ home to save enough money to buy a house or renting a house instead.

Some blame the high housing prices on demand for houses exceeding supply and some blame it on the low interest rates that make it possible for investors to buy up houses. Whatever it is, that does not seem to have deterred foreign and domestic investors. Many of these investors purchase property in sought after suburbs with the hope of turning them into rental income.

The savvy and wealthy investors even go as far as to demolish the original house on the land and replacing it with several contemporary units, townhouses or apartments; thereby collecting more than one rent. These contemporary homes can increase the value of a neighbourhood because they look new and clean. In fact, some look so good that they can make their neighbour’s older house look old and tired and badly in need of repairs. What do you do if you can’t afford to “keep up with the Joneses” and replace your old house with a contemporary one? You do minor upgrades like painting the roof with the help of roof painters Brisbane

Why use professional roof painters?

  1. Professional roof painters specialize in solving roofing problems, so can accurately help you determine if your roof renovation needs repairing prior to repainting.
  2. Professional roof painters can determine if your roof really needs re-painting or just a good clean.
  3. Professional roof painters can inspect your roof for free (a value of $180) and tell you what exactly is needed to make it look new and fresh again.
  4. Professional roof painters will know the right high quality paint to use that will give your roof a high quality finish that will last for years. No colorbond roof colour is too difficult to match because professional roof painters have a huge range of standard colours and what they don’t have, Dulux will have in their range of standard colours.
  5. Professional roof painters have the training and skills to coat any type of roof (i.e. colorbond, tile, concrete, terracotta, fiber tile, metal or asbestos).
  6. Sometimes just painting a roof may not be enough because the harsh Australian sun together with moisture, dirt and pollution can discolour a roof or cause lichen and mould to grow on it, making it look unsightly. If so, professional roof painters can apply a special roof membrane to protect the roof. This special roof coating has the ability to expand and contract without breaking or de-laminating. If a coating does not match the movement of the roof tiles, it can crack or separate from the roof tiles, resulting in moisture entering the roof tiles under the coating, which defeats the whole purpose of using a coating. A coating is much thicker and has more elasticity than paint; thus making it stronger and more flexible than paint. As well as being heat reflective, this special coating, which comes in a range of colours, can help restore tired looking concrete tiles to its original appearance. The purpose of heat reflective coatings is to reflect the sun’s infrared rays so as to reduce the amount of heat penetration; thus, reducing cooling costs.
  7. A professional roof painter will cover their workmanship for 10 years.


Will painting my roof cost an arm and a leg?

  1. Getting an old roof painted is a lot cheaper than replacing it with a brand new roof.
  2. Some professional roof painters will offer interest free payments.
  3. Some professional roof painters are willing to beat any written quote by 10% just to get your business.

No need to worry about having the most tired looking house in the neighbourhood anymore because re-painting your roof will make it look as good as new and protect it from the elements for as long as possible. You could do it yourself, but why would you when you could leave the hard work to a professional roof painter. Think about the relaxing weekends you could have instead of slogging on the roof trying to do the painting yourself.