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Do You Know How to Choose the Right Flooring For your House?

It is important to choose the right type of flooring for your house since it not only affects your house’s appearance but also your health and safety as well. Most consumers only look for affordability and design during the purchase process. This is a gigantic mistake and thus must be avoided at all costs. Whether you are choosing engineered timber flooring or regular carpet flooring, there are many things that one needs to think through when shopping for the right type of flooring. For instance, your taste, home space, health state of the family members and their aesthetic taste plays a pivotal role too. The wide availability of choices does not make the selection process any easier either. If you are overwhelmed about making a suitable choice, then good for you, because it means that you have understood the seriousness of your decision. This is why we have provided you with the following instructions to make the process less stressful and more beneficial.

The space

The first move is to decide where you are going to incorporate the flooring. Is it the entire house or just the bedroom and kitchen? The functions of the room and its traffic can affect the type of flooring that has to be used. For instance, carpets can be easily damaged through spills and also need regular maintenance; thus using them in a high traffic room such as the living room is not a wise decision. Instead, you could use it in your bedroom or T.V. room since carpets can provide warmth to the atmosphere.

Living style

Do you have children, elders or pets at home? This means that you have to deeply think about your flooring choice. For example, a house with kids is more susceptible to wear and tear and should not be decorated with expensive flooring material. In this case, you need to choose something more durable and scratch-resistant. If you have any disabled members at your house, you need to ensure that the flooring is wheel-chair friendly as well. Using tiles is not an appropriate choice since it is more vulnerable towards grout growth. If you have dogs and cats at home, opt for hard surfaces since it is easy to clean up the mess they leave behind.

Health conditions

Choosing the wrong type of flooring can deteriorate the condition of people with respiratory problems and chemical allergies. Therefore, you need to be considerate about their health before making your purchase decision. For instance, if your children get allergies every now and then, opt for tiles rather than carpets since the latter not only harbours allergens but will also make it difficult for you to clean them up. Moreover, carpets also contain high amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds which are a primary reason for the spreading of many airborne contaminants. Therefore, it is wiser to look for flooring products that have lower VOC emissions.


One of the biggest mistakes most purchasers make is to completely disregard the maintenance considerations. Maintaining a carpet or tile is much harder than purchasing one. Some flooring types such as carpets, have higher maintenance needs than others and will require greater effort if you wish to preserve the aesthetic appeal for a longer period of time. For example, wooden floors must be swept and vacuumed often to eliminate dulling. Unless you have the time and money to spare for the house maintenance process, choose wisely.


After all, the main purpose of flooring your house is to enhance its appearance and outlook. There is no need to worry, since a wide range of choice is available to suit the different tastes and preferences of the customers. You need to make sure that your aesthetic preference correlates with your housing requirements. For instance, you might like softwood flooring for your basement, but it is not a good choice since wood can be easily damaged in a basement environment. Try going for a designer carpet since it is both attractive and warm. When you visit a showroom, make sure you check out all of what they have to offer. Even though procedure might be time consuming, it will definitely be well worth it.