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Design Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Even people living in a smaller space with a cosy bathroom, can easily have a stylish interior with a little design guidance. There are plenty of ways to maximise the spacious feel of the room, create a chic and modern aesthetic, and create a bathroom that really reflects your personality without needing to splash out on a full-blown home extension. Use these ideas to get started, and you should have a gorgeous bathroom in no time, regardless of its size.

Get guidance from the experts.

If you’re not a fan of interior design and don’t have a clue how to approach a renovation, or simply don’t have the time to work it out for yourself, there are experts available who’ll make sure you have a gorgeous interior and perfect furnishings for your bathroom. You can take a look at bathroom display showrooms melbourne to see the best layouts and fittings for your space, then work with their team of professionals to completely transform your bathroom.

Choose your colours with spaciousness in mind.

The colour you choose for your rooms can create a seriously impressive illusion when it comes to opening up the space. While dark, rich colours may look beautiful in certain rooms, they’ll only make your little bathroom look cramped and tiny. Choose light, airy colours to expand the space available, and create a breezy atmosphere that’s relaxing and comforting.

Embrace the power of mirrors.

This classic design trick is famous because of its sheer effectiveness. Mirrors reflect light and naturally add space to your room, and they look right at home in a bathroom, anyway. Instead of opting for a pokey small mirror installed into your medicine cabinet, consider placing a larger mirror over your sink to expand the space. If you’re hoping to design a bathroom with more of a quirky feel than the usual modern, ultra-white and sleek bathroom style, then choosing an interesting antique frame for the mirror will create a more rustic, stylish look.

Use glass where possible.

Because glass is transparent, it will help make your bathroom feel more open and spacious than an opaque material. Instead of using a shower curtain, fit a glass shower door in your bathroom. Extra glass and mirrors will also allow additional light into the room, giving it a brighter feel.

Cut down on clutter.

A cluttered and untidy space always feels smaller and more cramped than one that’s neat and clean. The same goes for your wallpaper, paint choices, and décor. Limit your bathroom’s wall colour scheme to two colours at the most. While pretty prints may be fun, they’ll create a busy and cluttered feel that will make the bathroom feel even smaller. The same effect can happen with details and patterns on your furnishings and décor – watch out for too many extra details.

Use shelving as storage.

Cabinets that are installed to extend out from your wall take up more space than you might expect, so it may be helpful to find alternative storage solutions to keep all of your bathroom necessities stored neatly. Open shelves are inexpensive and extremely simple to install. Use your open shelves to stack towels and your essentials, but leave some space for a few pretty décor pieces add a splash of character.