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Cutting an Opening in a Brick Wall

You do not always have the option of going under or going over, sometimes you simply must go through. It may not be as daunting as a mountain, but a wall made of brick can be a considerable obstacle where it stands. It is not easy to create an opening in such a barrier, but it can be done.

This is not necessarily a task that you want to undertake by yourself, particularly if you do not have the necessary skills. You can simply employ brick cutters Melbourne and in other parts of Australia to do the job for you. If you are qualified, or you would like to keep yourself informed of the process, here is what you must do:

Fit a Lintel

The first step in cutting an opening in a wall is placing a lintel above where you want the cavity. A lintel is an operational block that is the length of the opening. The lintel bears the weight of the structure above the opening. The lintel can be made of several materials such as steel, wood, stone, and reinforced cement concrete. Reinforced cement concrete is usually the most commonly used material for the object. Lintels ensure that the weight of the wall is supported once you cut the hole out. It is what prevents the wall from collapsing inwards. Once the lintel has been implemented, you can proceed with the vertical sides of the opening. You can begin from the top, where it is placed and measure downwards. You should use a specific level to measure the sides of the opening.

Cut the Brick

The next step will necessitate the use of safety gear. You will require safety glasses, a mask, earmuffs, and a hard hat. You will need an angle grinder as equipment. You will use the angle grinder to make clean, vertical incisions in the wall. The key to using the angle grinder is to not apply too much of pressure on the tool when you are using it. This ensures that you will have a more precise outline for your opening.

Slacken the Brick

The third step in the process will require a hammer drill and a masonry kit. This is to drill holes in the mortar between each of the bricks. The mortar is targeted because it is much more pliable than the brick. It takes less effort than attempting to drill through the bricks. Once the mortar has been well drilled into, you can then dislodge the bricks. The bricks can now be easily removed from the area you would like to make a hole.

Making the Opening

The final step of the proceedings necessitates the use of a mash hammer and brick bolster. You can now displace the bricks with the use of these tools. You should take special care when you are hammering at the bricks on the edges of the openings. If you would like the lines to be precise and clean, you will have to hammer very gently. As you are knocking the bricks from the top of the opening, you should be similarly cautious. You should ensure that you do not dislodge the lintel you placed as you knock away the bricks.

You should always remember to have the proper safety gear when undertaking such activities. You should also be fully focused at all times. You will be using dangerous machinery and should know how to handle them safely.