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Choosing the Best Furniture for your Patio

Whether you are looking for cheap furniture or something a little more on the expensive side, you are going to be faced with a whole variety of options. It doesn’t matter if you select a range that you think is small. The reality is that there are many different types of furniture you can use on your patio or your pool deck.

The right scale

One thing you really need to think about is the scale. The furniture you choose has to be scaled to the right size so that the area in which they will be kept isn’t made to seem out of proportion. This can be a common problem with a lot of amateurs in the game. If you have a small outdoor area, make sure your patio furniture is also on the small side to make it look perfectly proportioned.

In addition to this, you need to consider the number of people who will be using the furniture. For example, if you are a very social person, you will probably have large groups of people over. Having two deck chairs isn’t going to be enough at all, but you can’t really buy a whole lot of expensive wooden chairs on your budget. Cheap wicker outdoor furniture can be useful in this scenario, but remember that the aforementioned rule is considered when picking them out.

At this point it may be wise to consider getting a bunch of stackable aluminium chairs instead. These are lightweight, easy to store and perfect for any situation. Another concern is the colour and the style of the furniture that you are buying. A home is designed with a particular style in mind. You need to make sure that your outdoor furniture, just like everything else on the inside as well, is in keeping with this style of design.

The chameleon effect

From your cushions to your patterns, you need to make sure you pick something that blends in well. The material in this case is also very important, more so than a typical indoor furniture set. Different materials have different prices and their own pros and cons as well. Ultimately, the decisions boils down to the right material at the right price and style.

Aluminium, steel and metals

Aluminium, for example, is incredibly lightweight. It also holds up well against corrosion and is quite durable, being a metal. Steel on the other hand is much heavier (although not as much as iron). It is far more durable (and costly) to boot.

Wrought iron furniture is the strongest material. However, it is also the most brutal. If you buy iron furniture for your patio, you will have to invest in some cushions as well, unless you want bruises every time you go out for some fresh air.

Wood, wicker and natural elements

Wicker is another material that is one of the cheapest out there. It is light, sunny and breezy (if those words can be used to describe material). Wicker is great for both interior and exterior use, making it the best option for patios and sun rooms.

Wooden furniture asks for a little more care to be taken of them. Unless you use something like teak, wood is usually vulnerable to rain and rough weather. Although wooden furniture looks absolutely wonderful, it can cause regret if you haven’t taken good care of it.


Other materials include plastic, which is the cheapest and easiest to maintain of the lot. You need to choose one with your budget in mind, of course. More than this though, you need to make sure that you like what you are getting. If you don’t, and you have no other choice, just get bean bags and throw cushions instead!