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How to Choose Carpeting for the Living Room

The living room is the focal point in pretty much all households. It’s where the family congregates for dining or watching TV and it’s also where most guests are welcomes into the house. It’s essentially a high-traffic area where the aesthetics should be top-notch. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right flooring material for the living room. If you have chosen to carpet, then that’s a great way to give a living room a comfy look and a feel. There are many carpeting options available to homeowners. The trick is to find the right carpet that matches your unique living room. Here are several suggestions for choosing a great carpet for the living room:

Find the Right Material that Suits Your Needs

Modern carpeting is mainly categorised as wool, wool-mix, or artificial. The fibre material the carpet is made from is the most crucial deciding factor. For the living room, you will need a carpet made out of durable material that can handle the high foot traffic. It should not stain, wear or tear easily. In addition to all this, the living room carpet should look great and feel good underneath the feet. The requirements are high, indeed. You can choose wool or wool-mix carpets to give your living room classic English elegance and style. However, when it comes to durability, artificial fibres like nylon is the best. Nylon carpets like those made by Stainmaster are highly regarded because the carpets are resistant to staining, are highly resilient, and can also be amazingly durable. You can choose a different material as you like, but make sure the carpet meets your requirements. If the material is classified as “heavy domestic grade,” then it’s suitable for living rooms.

Dark or Light Shades?

The next big question is, which shade should you choose for the carpet? Some people want dark colours because it’s good at hiding stains and signs of wear. However, most designers recommend paler shades for the average-sized living rooms. The light colours can enhance the visibility of space, meaning it makes smaller living rooms seem larger. Pale shades are also cosier looking. Dark shades are suited for larger or more spacious living rooms. However, it’s up to you to decide. You would probably want the shade to match the existing interior decor. Choose accordingly in a manner that enhances the existing aesthetic of the room.

Check the Underlay

It’s not just the surface of the carpet that matters, what lies underneath also matters a lot. The underlay should be sturdy and durable enough to support the carpet against wear and tear. A sturdy underlay would protect your carpet against the stress exerted on it by heavy objects like furniture. Therefore, when you buy a carpet, it’s very important to check the underlay as well. You should ask pointed questions about the underlay from the home improvement store you are purchasing the carpeting from.

When you buy a carpet, it’s highly recommended to first inspect the material in-store. Even if you are buying online, stop by a nearby outlet to check out how the carpet material actually looks and feels. You can order free samples of carpeting cut-outs from sellers if you don’t have time to drive to the store. Do use this option to make sure you purchase the right carpet for your living room.