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Boosting the security of your home

Your home is where your most precious possessions dwell and these are our family members.  There is no limit to the cost of protecting our loved ones.  Home is also where you will also keep your earthly belongings such as cars, motorbikes, electronics, TVs, sound systems, laptops, and computers.  Besides the more material possessions, hard drives contain videos and photos of our family and life that we don’t want to have stolen or destroyed.  Being comfortable in your home is also important and you want to have a secure lifestyle but one that is not intrusive your life.  The kind of home you have will also affect what kind of security systems you rely on.  A flat in a block of units will be different from a duplex in a complex with an access gate system and if you have a stand-alone house, this will also affect and determine your security needs.  Even with a stand-alone house, the size of your house changes the need for different security setups.

Home security cameras

Have home security cameras Adelaide installed?  This gives you peace of mind if you are at home on your own and have people at the door or just strange noises in and around the house.  It can be very eerie sometimes in a house on your own.  Security cameras are also useful if you do have intruders, you will have video footage that can be used to find out who they are.  If there is a safety issue, you can take the footage to the police and open a case.  It can also serve another purpose and that is to be able to check in to make sure your family is all okay when they are either indifferent rooms or you are away from home and checking the videos out remotely.  If you have a childminder, it is a great way to monitor their behaviour too.

Family dogs

Dogs are a great, family-friendly way to help with security in your property.  They become your companions but are also there to guard you.  Some people suggest having dogs kept both inside and outside at night, or you can choose to keep your dogs inside, closest to you.  Dogs are less invasive was of having security because you can love and care for them, but if anything, they will sound the alarm when there are intruders and send signals to strangers to stay away.

Fencing and electric wiring

It’s not nice having big ugly fencing with razor wire coiled along the top.  This might be necessary, but they’re also might be a way of having security fencing without it being obtrusive and big ugly high walls.  It could be simple electric wiring along the top, which was once done during renovation, having cameras on the corners or beams along the internal fence lines.  There are also great new fencing options that are difficult for people to climb up, as a wall would be but don’t feel as closed-up as a wall would be.