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A Must-Do Checklist Before You Move

When you’re in the thick of it, moving can feel stressful. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be. The key to creating a moving experience that’s low-stress and even serene is all in the preparation. Creating a master-list of everything you need to do before you hit the road with your possessions in tow is crucial. This way, you’re not running the risk of forgetting anything important, and you have a clear checklist to work from to keep you on track. Here are some ideas to get you started on your must-do list.

Collect your quotes.

There are certain costs you’ll have to pay for services involved in the moving process. This will include your interstate removalists company, any childcare costs to give you the space you need to pack in peace, prices of hotels that you may stay in along the way, as well as the costs of flights if you’re flying to your new home. It’s important to work out exactly how much everything will cost so you can budget ahead of time for the move.

Make bookings.

Don’t make the rookie error of leaving your moving-house bookings to the last minute. If you expect to have a moving company ready to transport all your belongings, you need to let them know in advance so they can clear the right amount of time to get the job done. This goes for any services you might need – don’t leave it until the last second. Make bookings well in advance so you can move on with your packing calmly, knowing that everything has been arranged already.

Make some cuts.

You probably don’t need to take every single item that’s in your current house with you to your new home. Use this time to pare down your belongings to what you really need so you don’t overload your moving trucks and set yourself up for a hugely stressful unpacking experience. Go through your belongings and decide what you can live without.

Organise your moving supplies.

You’re going to need plenty of supplies, whether that’s sturdy, durable storage boxes or cardboard boxes from the local supermarket’s back alley, as well as lots of tape, labeling materials, and bubble wrap. Make sure you get out and shop for all of these supplies ahead of time, and as you begin to pack, label each box so you know where every single item you own is when you’re in your new home and ready to unpack.

Mark your fragile boxes.

A good moving company will be careful with all of your belongings, but it’s always sensible to separate the boxes containing anything especially fragile and easy to break and mark them clearly so that the movers are aware that they need to be extra cautious when loading these boxes.

Enlist extra help.

Depending on how big a move you’re doing and what you’ve got prepared in terms of transport, you may need some extra help along the way. This also goes for people with pets or children who may need some support from family and friends while the move is underway. Make a list of the supportive, helpful people in your life and get in touch with them ahead of time to find out if they’re available to give you a hand.