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7 Ideas to Create Comfort in a Small Modern Apartment

Enormous corner sofas, armchairs perfect for slouching and a big fireplace are the ideal elements for a cozy room, but these will never fit in a small, modern apartment. How do you create comfort then, when you have little room available and a contemporary style to match? Below you will find some sure-fire ideas to create warmth, comfort and cosiness in your lair.

The fluffy rug still reigns supreme

Nowadays, you can find fluffy rugs in so many shapes and sizes. You can be sure to find one that goes well with your furniture. The safest ones are in neutral colours – cream, tan and gray. However, you can opt for a bold one, too. Or, why not pastels? Fluffy rugs, either big or small, are inviting and cosy and suit a lot of contemporary designs, really well. It’s hard to go wrong with it.

You can still have a fireplace

You don’t need a mansion or a huge living room to build a fireplace. Skip much of the construction work and simply install an electric fireplace. It’s much smaller and the effect is just as lovely.

Add accent lights

When the rooms are small, tiny details can make a big difference. Thus, you won’t need big or complicated lighting fixtures in order to create an interesting effect. You may rely on LED lights, candles and other small sources to shine in the dark.

Have a drop-leaf table

Drop-leaf tables are impossibly cute and useful. When they’re folded, they barely take up any room. When unfolded, you can use them in many ways – for study, for games and for treating your guests. Choose a wooden one if you wish to embellish your living space.

Bring pillows and throws

A very simple and affordable way to transform a small home and make it cosy is to add lush throws and complimenting pillows. These can revive the whole place and transform it into a very pleasant crib or even a stylish one. Plus, such elements fit to almost any décor.

Use warm tones

Although modern designs frequently focus on blues, grays and whites, your small apartment will become a perfect crib if you’re using warm hues and especially light ones, such as cream, pale warm yellow, peach, salmon, beige, ivory and so on. Not only that these colours feel inviting and warm, but they also reflect the light so beautifully. If your place is already decorated in cold colours, it’s never too late to add different ones for contrast.

Ottomans for seating

Chairs, sofas and especially armchairs take up a lot of space. You’d better avoid these if your apartment isn’t exactly spacious. How do you create a socialising space then? It’s not too difficult if you replace usual seating with small, lovely, comfortable ottomans. These are ideal in a modern context like this one. Besides, you are free to move them around, as you please, therefore there will be fewer constraints.

It’s simple to add comfort and character to a small home. If you would describe your property as modern, you don’t have to look far for inspiration. Size is not so important in this matter, as long as you add the right elements of décor.