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Yvonne Bresley has been involved in the Real Estate Field for 25 years, and knows that many Landlord are not experienced or are fully aware of their rights, whether they manage their own investment property or are going through a Real Estate Firm.Many investment properties are negligented, under prices and under services.


  • Is your property inspected at least every 12 months?
  • Are you asked every 12 months whether you want your asking rental increased?
  • Is your rental payment disbursed to you on time every month?
  • Are you kept up to date in regards to maintenance?
  • Do you receive a report and photos with the routine inspections?
  • Do you received your Financial Report on time, no later than early July?

All of the above are services that you pay for and should receive automatically  without  reminders.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Yvonne Bresley Property Management Services for  a chat any time.

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Yvonne Bresley Property Management
4/20-22  Marro Street, Hughesdale Vic  3166

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