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Turn These Home Areas Into Luxury Getaways

All around the world, people assume the Australians live a life of luxury. When they turn on their antipodean soap operas they see perennial sunshine, cool waves and soft beaches. Of course, we know that the idealised image of Australia isn’t true for everybody. We don’t just surf and soak up the sun! But all of this started to get me thinking. Getting your home into a state of luxury can take your mind off of the fact that our life isn’t quite as perfect as the television sometimes makes out.

But who wants to read more about making luxury living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms? Aren’t there a million articles telling you where to buy divine curtains and bedsheets, beautiful sofas and beds? How about we look at some of the other areas of your property and see how we can inject some luxury into them?

The attic

Go upstairs – all the way – and see what’s in your attic. Probably a lot of boxes filled with stuff you’ve convinced yourself you’ll need one day, right? It’s the same with a lot of people. Humans cling onto objects easier than we like to admit.

Have a massive clear out. Be brutal. If you haven’t used it in the past year, consider getting rid of it. If there’s a thick layer of dust, then you clearly don’t love it that much! So clear it out. Get as much floor space as you can.

Now you have a big, dark room. What else better to do with a large room than convert it into a home cinema? Get a big screen and a projector, pad the walls and floor with soundproof material and bring in some comfy armchairs. Sounds pretty basic, but it’s the definition of sheer leisure! You can get some great equipment from Digital Cinema.

The patio

Your patio has incredible potential, and I’m willing to bet you’re wasting it. When summer strikes, there’s nothing better than being outside. Of course, it’s nice to be close to home, so the best solution is to make yourself a luxurious location just outside your home. That means renovating your patio!


Consider getting yourself a pergola. This is a beautiful shaded walkway which can be as small or big as your garden allows. They’re great for hosting barbecues, as well as holding gorgeous flora. Great Aussie Patios build pergolas, so have a look!

The garage

Did you know that most people don’t use their garage for their car these days? They tend to use it as a miscellaneous storage area. If you’re doing this, then please see the above section regarding the attic. Same applies here: clear it out and open up the potential of your garage!

When your garage is cleaned out, then you have, essentially, an extra room. So the possibilities are pretty endless. But the name of the game here is luxury, so I’m going to point you in the direction of Houzz. You can turn your garage into a bar and games room hybrid, and Houzz have loads of inspiration for this. Just remember that you need a liquor license if you want to actually sell booze from your garage!