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Three home renovation ideas

Having a warm, welcoming place to come home to after a long day is vital to one’s sense of well-being. There are few things worse than feeling stressed and tired and coming home to a place that makes you feel overwhelmed because it’s in a state of disrepair, or is cluttered and chaotic. Your home should be a safe, happy place where you can unwind, prepare and share meals with family and friends, share conversation and enjoy quiet time alone. Here are a few ideas to help turn your home into the oasis is should be.

Curb appeal

Set the tone for your home from the second you step off the curb. A fun and inviting front yard, lets gets know what they’re in for before they even step foot inside your home. If the front of your home looks good, you’ll have a sense of pride every time you come home. There are tons of different ways to spruce up your front yard, from adding colour with greenery and flowering plants, to bringing in the elements with water features and stone paving and accent pieces. One way to really make a huge visual impact without doing major structural work is by changing the architectural facades of your home. It can completely transform the look of your house without having to tear down walls or rebuild anything. If you live in a modern home, but prefer the look of older architecture, you can simple add a Victorian or gothic facade and make it seem like your home was built the decade ago. The same goes for older homes that need a modern update. You can achieve a minimalist look with clean lines, just be changing the facade.

Outdoor living

Updating your outdoor areas can feel like you’re adding rooms to your home. If your indoor space is a bit limited, putting some seating and a table in your garden, backyard or balcony instantly gives you another space to entertain or find some quiet time for yourself. You can make the space more comfortable with a shade cloth overhead or an umbrella to provide shade on hot, sunny days. For nights, add a few candles or citronella oil lamps to keep insects at bay. You can also add a few string lights draped over poles or tree branches to create a warm and romantic setting. If you’re planning on doing some entertaining in your new outdoor space, a Bluetooth speaker can help set the mood and take the party outside without the need for extension cables.

Changing your lighting

Few things change the way a space feels faster than a lighting upgrade.  If your property is feeling a bit stark, try swapping out your harsh overhead lighting for several softer lights sources, dispersed around the room. This is far easier on the eyes as the light is diffused and less hard shadows are cast on objects and faces. If you want to create a warm feel, try changing from white or blue tinged light to warmer yellows and oranges.