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Think out of the box when your next renovation

The idea behind renovating a house is not just to fix things up and restore them to how they were, it is more about making the better. It is about expanding and modernizing and adding value to the property. For this to happen you need to make bold plays, embrace new things and think outside the box. A proper renovation is not just a new coat of paint and an additional room. Rather, it is creating something that will get people sitting up and taking notice. So, if you have renovations on your horizon, here are a few things that you might want to consider.

Add some steel to the mix

Typically, when people think renovations they think about conventional materials for their solutions. Bricks and wood and tiles and paint are generally the order of the day. But steel should also be an option – it can be very stylish, and it stands out as a feature quite beautifully. Think of things like steel beans, laser cut screens or even steel surfaces. If this is something that appeals, a Google search for something like ‘steel fabricators Melbourne Victoria’ should come up with the sort of results that you need. Make an appointment to talk to them and see what they suggest. Steel is a very versatile material and, done right, it has the ability to change the feel of your home for the better.

Use what is there already

Renovations don’t always need to be about removing the old and making wholesale changes. Sometimes it is a good idea to work with what is already there. We are talking things like parquet floors, brickwork or even ceiling beams. It is a big trend amongst people renovating warehouse spaces to expose the underlying architecture, leaving the pipes and beams exposed. It looks great, and it is a trick that can work just as well in a residential property as it can in a warehouse or commercial installation. The key is to explore what is hidden. It could be that the raw materials are not suitable, which may well be the case if the house is relatively new. But if your home has a bit of history on its side you may well find that you are perfectly situated for some structural exposure.

Bring nature inside

It is hard not to love nature and if you can find a way to bring nature into the house you are going to be winning. It might sound counter-intuitive, but there are plenty of ways to do it. A green wall is a good start. Pick a spot that has plenty of natural light and start with that. Plant indoor plants that have a degree of utility – think fresh herbs for the kitchen for instance. If a green wall is not going to work think about things like water features, natural rock or even just a skylight. These are all elements that talk to the presence of nature and if you can successfully integrate them into your home you will almost certainly add value to your property and create a space that gets people talking.