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Things to consider when moving city

As you get older and your career starts to take shape you may well discover that you are required to relocate from one city to another in order to move up the corporate ladder. Relocation is not something that most people embark on easily as it has loads of repercussions and impacts on other areas of your life. But sometimes you have to make the big changes to get to where you want to be in your career. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are considering an inter-city move, here are a few things you need to consider before committing to making the move.

It is not cheap

Most companies that want you will help fund the relocation. But in many instances it is you who wants the job more than the company that wants you.  In this instance you may well have to pay for the move yourself and it can be expensive. You will have to factor in things like pantechnicons and car transport Darwin to Sydney or Perth. We are talking big distances and costs – although in all likelihood a whole lot less cost than selling up on one side and buying new good on the other.


If you have lived a long time in one city and you are moving to another you will be saying goodbye to lots of friends and family. And while things like Facebook and email make it easy to stay in touch, the truth is that distance makes things difficult and as much as you intend to stay in regular contact with your people the contact will get less and less as distance takes its toll and you make new friends in the new city who you also have to fit into your life. Critically there is also the key issue of work contacts, who are very important from a networking perspective, you might have to build up a whole new network at the new destination.

Whole new start

A major benefit to relocating is that it gives you a chance to start a new life afresh. Perhaps something bad happened in the original city and you want to put some distance between yourself and a bad memory. Maybe it was a messy divorce or a traumatic mugging. Perhaps you got involved in something that you shouldn’t have at work and you feel that your reputation is tarnished. Whatever it is, a move to another city is like turning over a new leaf and it can be very liberating.

Do your research

Before moving you need to do some serious research. It is not just about comparing one job with another, you need to look at things like cost of living and climate and the nature of the different suburbs in the new city. Factor in things like sports club and public transport. The things that are important to you in your current city will be important to you in the new destination as well and you need to ensure that a major move doesn’t just enhance your career but also brings value to the rest of your life as well.