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Simple solutions for cluttered houses

The longer you live in a house the more cluttered it is likely to be. This is just a simple reality of life. People are sentimental by nature and they procrastinate. As a result, we accumulate things. These could be souvenirs from trips, they could be gifts that you have received, they could be gadgets or samples, or items intended to be used for projects but forgotten. Whatever the case they tend to arrive with the very best intentions gradually to be forgotten and tucked away. It all means that your house slowly but surely become filed with clutter and unused items. There comes a time of course when plans need to be made to sort the situation out, and these plans can often be the last thing that you want to do. Here are some ideas to help you manage the process.

Find a place

One of he best ways to sort the situation is to find a place to put the items that you don’t need so that they are out of the way. An outside room or a dedicated cupboard are good temporary solutions. The idea here is to free up the bulk of the house by putting all the clutter into one manageable place. Maybe start by doing an online search for something like ‘garage sheds Brisbane’. You will definitely find options on the web – either new or second hand. This might not be a permanent solution, but it will relieve pressure short-term and give you time to sort through the excess baggage that you have collected.

Ask this one question

Ask yourself this one question: If I were to move to a new house tomorrow, would I take this with me? If the answer to the question is, the item in question would not be worth packing, then you don’t need it. Simple. Make a plan to get rid of it and declutter your life.

Break it down

The idea of decluttering can be very daunting indeed, so break it down into manageable pieces. The old wisdom goes that you don’t eat an elephant in one sitting; you eat it one mouthful at a time. The same applies to the onerous job of decluttering your house. Start with one room and work through it thoroughly. Once that is done move to the next. Maybe make it a plan to do one room a week. Set manageable goals and stick to them. Before you know it the job will be done.

Generate some income

You would be amazed how one person’s clutter is another person’s desperately needed item. So, don’t just think of the operation as a decluttering one, think of it as an income generating exercise. Your goal should be to sell as many unwanted items as possible in order to raise funds for something important. The old golf clubs that you haven’t used for ten years. The bike your children road when they were teens. The food processor that wasn’t quite what you wanted. Or the fondue set you got as a wedding gift. Add them together and you are well on your way to a nice holiday. It adds a whole new incentive to the decluttering process.