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Protect Your Home From A Burglary

Everybody wants to make sure their family is safe and secure as they sleep comfortably in bed at night. The idea of a burglary is a terrifying one, but it is a sad reality for some families, particularly those who don’t have sufficient security measure in place to keep their home safe. If you want to make sure your house is as protected as possible from potential intruders and that your loved ones and possessions are safe at at all times, use these simple but effective security tips.

Look into professional security systems.

There are plenty of home security technology solutions out there, but if you’re serious about keeping your home protected from intruders then you’ll want something that’s cutting edge and difficult for even the most clever criminal to work their way around. There are a range of options available, including motion detectors, sensors, security cameras, and window protection devices. Speak to a professional security company about which option will work best for your home and will keep your family as protected as possible, and make sure you actually turn the system on when you leave the house or head to bed at night.

Get close to your neighbours.

If you tend to keep to yourself for the most part in your local area, you could be putting yourself at risk. Strange as it might seem, your neighbours could be your first line of defense against a burglary. A friendly neighbour will be happy to keep an eye on your home when you’re not around and will alert you (and your security company or the police) if someone seems to be making an attempt to break in. Getting to know your neighbours will make this scenario far more likely.

Make deterrents obvious.

Got an amazing security system keeping your home safe? Make sure that any potential burglars know about it so they don’t try and get past it anytime soon. Use the signs and stickers provided to you by your security company to advertise the high level security that your home is under at all times so any passing criminal knows to give our home a miss or risk immediate capture and arrest.

Install strategic lighting.

Floodlights in your outdoor areas can be a huge help when it comes to catching burglars in the act of trying to sneak into your home. Use motion detector lighting that immediately floods your front or back garden with light whenever someone steps on your lawn after hours. Avoid planting lots of high shrubs in your garden, too – they make it all too easy for an intruder to hide and bide their time.

Form a neighbourhood watch.

If your street doesn’t have a neighbourhood watch group, this could be a great way to bring down crime in your area. Get together with your neighbours and ask the police to meet with you to give you some top tips on protecting your street from burglary and crime. You can then use group messaging on your phone to keep each other updated about any suspicious activity, report crimes that have occurred, or check in with neighbours to make sure everyone is safe. It can also be a great way to get to know people that you may otherwise have never met.