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Planning your next room renovation

When the time is right for you to consider doing an update of sorts for your lovely home, you will pretty much categorise your priorities by the rooms in the house that need making over. Some might have had this in the recent past, while others might be in dire need of some new change. Where one washes, showers, baths, etc., is a particularly important room to update. It, along with the kitchen, are arguably the first two rooms people look at when judging a home for resale value. There are many things you need to look at if updating the room.


One can see across the many bathroom renovations Adelaide residents have undertaken that the tiles are oh so important. If you choose a particular colour or hue, it can really spunk up the room for the better. And whether or not you want to tile the entire wall or just half way up is another component to consider carefully. You might want to remain fairly neutral with your choices or you might want to go really bright and breezy. For the former, colours like white and lilac can be really nice. For the latter, yellows and oranges and eve light pinks could be the way forward for you. You might want to get a few samples and opinions before committing to one or the other. Take your time about these things. There is probably no rush. Get it right the first time.


Things like knobs for the vanity door or sliders for the draws are really nice trimmings to add some subtle design flair to. You can pick and choose, mix and match and so on to your heart’s desire. You could go with new school, popular elements or you might want to go for an antic or relic look. That’s up to you. Thankfully, there are many shops that can help you with this. And the person doing your renovation or renovations can then just incorporate these for you.

The other parts

Hopefully you have had a good look around the room you want to fix up and written down ideas that you would like to see come to fruition. It can sometimes be quite tough to see these thoughts and notions materialize, but when they do, and you are happy and comfortable with the look and feel of it all, it can really bring a previously dull room to life.


Touching on the look and feel of the room again, loosely draped towels and blinds can really do a lot at a small expense. Once the renovation is complete and its time to effectively decorate the place in your property, you can go out to the shops and come up with matching colours schemes with the towels and other linen. Soap dispensers and shampoo bottles can also be decorated with, finding the right them to add to the room with these items. The rail that holds the towels and the one that holds the toilet roll and paper are also good value adds.