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Personalising Your Rented Home In Style

You don’t have to wait until you own property before you can start flexing your interior design muscles and creating a beautiful home. Even rented spaces with tough landlords can be dressed up and decorated to create a truly unique and sophisticated space. Use this guide to design a home that truly represents your personal style, regardless of whether you’re renting a flat or decorating your first property.

 Shopping For Furniture

The primary way to personalise any space is through your furnishings. This is particularly true when it comes to rental properties, as other forms of customization may be more difficult when you’ve got a strict lease or a grouchy landlord. Getting creative with the furniture you use to style up your space will make a major difference, and could make even the most neutral room look chic and cool. Ordering made to order furniture perth is the best way to ensure that your furnishings give you the exact style you’re aiming for with your interior design. Take the time to shop for pieces carefully, considering how well each item will fit into the overall cohesive style of your interior.

Bring Colour In

Splashes of colour can instantly brighten up a home, particularly if the walls of the property are very pale or muted. Neutral shades can be stylish, but for many people they feel overly generic and impersonal. It’s always worth asking your landlord if they’re happy for you to do some painting – they may agree that the paint job could improve the value of their property and be happy to let you save them the trouble of doing it themselves. Check before you make any changes, as working without their permission could take a dent out of your deposit.

When painting isn’t an option, there are plenty of other creative ways to add a little extra colour to your space. Place beautiful printed throws around your home, experiment with colourful cushions, and hang curtains to change up the colour scheme of the house.

Stick On New Wallpaper

Many landlords frown on the idea of adding new wallpaper onto their property, but they can’t complain about stickable decals that easily peel off when you’re ready to move out. These decals used to be the mainstay of kids’ room interiors, but they’re now available in a range of interesting designs. Use vinyl wall sticker art to liven up the space and play with the designs and patterns to create a look that suits you perfectly.

Bring Life To Your Walls

Even with colour and vinyl decals, your rented house could still feel impersonal if it doesn’t reflect who you are and what you love. The best way to bring your true personality across is by hanging framed photographs of family and friends, and choosing art or posters that display your interests. Shop around online for cool posters if you’re a movie and music lover, and check out local thrift stores for quirky photo frames if you want to hang photos without losing your signature style. Experiment with the placement of the frames around your walls – straight or carefully aligned wall displays can look modern and clean, while a more scattered approach may work well if you’re hoping to create a cosy, vintage style for your home.