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What Lies Ahead for the Housing Market – by REIA

REIA President, Mr David Airey will today present ‘What Lies Ahead for the Housing Market’ at the Australian Financial Review’s Residential Property Conference being held at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney. “The presentation looks at where we are now and where the housing market is heading and aims to explain the behaviour of house prices and to identify factors ...

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Tenants fall victim to Mortgage Stress

As landlords fail to meet mortgage obligations and default on loans hundreds of renters are being kicked out of homes. Banks have been accused of breaking eviction laws by forcing some tenants out too soon. Some tenants are not given the minimum notice required by law. Tenants Union of Victoria spokesman Toby Archer said renters were the forgotten victims of ...

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First home buyers – numbers dropping

According to the Housing Figures issued for March 2010 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the number of home loans for owner occupied homes fell by 4.1 per cent, compared to the previous month. “This is the ninth consecutive month of falls in housing finance.  We are now down to the levels of the global financial crisis in 2008”, ...

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South Australian home owners will pay less Land tax

A LAND tax relief package which will increase the tax-free threshold to $300,000 from July 1 will be introduced into the South Australian State Parliament today by Treasurer Kevin Foley. Legislation will deliver the cuts outlined in the 2009-10 Mid-Year Budget Review earlier this year. More than l00,000 SA property-owners will benefit. Almost two-thirds of current land taxpayers will no ...

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