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Property sharing can assist with home affordability

It seems that in an effort to afford that dream first home, some buyers resort to renting out rooms in their new home to assist with home loan repayments. A recent survey of home buyers conducted by Mortgage Choice, revealed that 14 per cent of home buyers said that they intend to reduce their costs of living by sharing their ...

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Investors unable to finance property purchases in flood affected areas

Bargain hunters looking to make a property purchase in the post-flood Ipswich property market are having a difficult tome finding a lender who will agree to provide home loans in flood affected areas. Herron Todd White senior valuer Brett McGrath said despite 3300 homes being written off and 1700 needing repair from January’s disaster there are a lot of home ...

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Looking for a property bargain – there are plenty available

If you are looking for a property bargain – now is the best time to find one or many. According to new research by RP Data, property sales volumes have been  in decline since September 2009. At the same time, vendors who need to achieve a sale of their property are forced to offer fairly significant price discounts. In February ...

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Property market will be subdued for up to a decade

According to the managing director of BIS Shrapnel, Robert Mellor, we should not expect Australian property price growth in the coming years to be anything like what we have seen over the past 30 years. If there is to be any growth it will be marginal – no more than 5% per year. Nothing like the property boom cycles we ...

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East Sydney offers best rental returns – RP data

According to new information released by RP Data, investment properties located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs are providing investors with the greatest returns. It seems that especially properties in the Sydney suburb of Woollahra have recorded an increase in advertised rents of 22.2 per cent over the year. Suburbs of Sydney overall performed very well showing top rental returns and accounted ...

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