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Property Investors will benefit from rising rents

Current rental income growth is well below the rate of inflation, but this may well change in the short term. As new research from RP Data shows, capital city rents over the past year have only increased by just 2.7%, while Australia’s latest annual inflation rate is 3.3 per cent. RP Data found Brisbane’s median rent for houses is only$370 ...

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Housing market should be seeing a change in direction soon

Housing stock on market is falling, but still has some way to go before reaching the levels it saw last year. New figures from SQM Research show residential listings for June fell 2% compared to May. Every capital city apart from Darwin saw a month-on-month decline, with Hobart experiencing the largest decline at 6%. The result represents the second consecutive ...

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Carbon tax will add to costs of construction

The introduction of Carbon Tax is expected to add $5,000 to the average cost of building a home due to the tax impact on building materials. According to the Australian, energy efficient homes will be costing more as the Carbon tax will also affect the price of double-glazing as well as insulation materials. The Master Builders Association expects at least ...

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More affordable rent in Moorabbin

A new Moorabbin, Victoria residential development has been purpose-built to provide cheap accommodation. The project will deliver much-needed affordable housing in Kingston’s tight rental market. Appropriate tenants are being sought for the 75-apartmetn development, in South Road, near the Nepean Highway, that should be ready next month. The one- and two-bedroom units all have their own private open space. The ...

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Time to enter Mt.Buler's property market

In the 1960s, ‘70s and even the ‘80s, real estate at Mt Buller was an indulgence afforded only by the wealthy. The reason was that there was no security of tenure and therefore, finance could not be readily obtained. Now, with leases and subleases that can be registered with the Crown Lands Department, security for lenders is the same as ...

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