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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Repay Your Mortgage Early

What?! Almost every person on the planet with a mortgage will find this logic flawed to put it nicely. To put it bluntly, you probably find it stupid. Common wisdom dictates that you need to pay back your mortgage as soon as possible. Then, you have more money and freedom in your life. The problem is that common wisdom is ...

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Turn These Home Areas Into Luxury Getaways

All around the world, people assume the Australians live a life of luxury. When they turn on their antipodean soap operas they see perennial sunshine, cool waves and soft beaches. Of course, we know that the idealised image of Australia isn’t true for everybody. We don’t just surf and soak up the sun! But all of this started to get me ...

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How to Spend Less and Save More In 2016

All of us have wondered at least once as to why saving is always harder than spending. Well, the answer is simple. This problem arises because we do not think twice when it comes to spending. Most of our purchases are often made due to unplanned or impulse decisions. This is why it is highly important to plan your expenses. ...

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Essential tips you need to know when renovating your kitchen

Building an attractive and functional kitchen from scratch is not an easy task at all. It requires a lot of planning, effort, resources, manpower and of course, money. Similarly, a renovation is also an equally daunting task. Unless you are a pro in the industry, this task cannot be done alone. You will need expert guidance and advice to ensure ...

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4 Things to Keep In Mind When Hiring a Handyman

Being a handyman is no easy task. It is probably one of the very few professions in the world without a fixed job description. No one can really say what a handyman does. When someone hires a handyman for their home, they basically expect him to be an expert in almost every sort of household work from plumbing, electrical work, ...

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