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Managing the nesting urges when pregnant

Nesting is a big thing for families who are expecting a baby. Almost inevitably, when a family is expecting a baby and awaiting the arrival of a new addition, then the urge to upgrade their house strikes. It could be anything from a new coat of paint to major alterations or additions to the house. The urges are both natural and done out of necessity. It goes without saying that if you live in a three-bedroom house and you have two children, that you will need to make some adjustments if you hope to fit each child into their own room. But is it necessary? What does it cost? What is reasonable and what isn’t? Here are a few pointers to consider as you await the arrival of your bundle of joy.

Space is important

As much as a baby will not notice or appreciate its own room, it is very worthwhile noting that the baby will not be a baby forever. In fact, little ones become big ones rather quickly. It’s also worth saying that children are expensive and that they are very time consuming. So, when planning for the future, don’t just think about where the baby will sleep once it is born, think about where it will sleep when it is five year’s old. In this regard it might be worth doing a little online search for a phrase like, ‘home extensions Sydney’ to see who is available in the area. Be modest and stick to a budget, but if alterations are going to be required, rather get them out the wat earlier. You will struggle a whole lot more making changes once baby is born.

Pick your partners properly

Building and renovations can be very stressful. The same can be said for pregnancy. So, make sure that if you end up working with contractors that they are people who understand your situation. In short, female partners will probably be better, more empathetic and attuned to your needs, than male ones. Granted, female contractors are often hard to find, but do your best to add oestrogen to the mix. Maybe they won’t be female painters or bricklayers, but project managers, architects or interior designers could all tick the box. And, try your best to make sure that the men hwo you employ are fathers.

Think logically

There is no need to go over the top in decorating a nursery for your baby. Your baby will spend most of its time sleeping or being held in your arms. Its eyesight is poor, and it honestly won’t care what colour its room is painted or if a Winnie the Pooh theme is trendy or not. In short, whatever you chose to do for the nursery you are doing for yourself and to impress your friends. So, if budgets are tight, avoid the desire to go over the top. Rather future-proof the house and make sure that it is shaping up for what you need for when the baby is a bit bigger. Going too big on the nursery itself is property expensive and unnecessary.