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How to Improve a Floor without Buying New Flooring

Do you have a stained or an otherwise unsightly floor that no amount of vacuuming or mopping would change? If the flooring is getting old, it would be hard to change it to original appearance with just some cleaning. Some homeowners prefer to buy a new floor when the existing one is just going out of date. But if you are cash strapped, this might not be an option. Here are several solution that can fix your old, aesthetically unpleasing floor without having to buy new flooring:

Repaint Linoleum

There’s a simple solution to fix old, stained linoleum in your house? Painting. Linoleum is easy enough to clean, but years and years of use can cause the material to lose the original colour. Buying a new floor may sound like the best option here, but it’s really not. If you are budget strapped, consider buying a new can on floor paint and repainting the linoleum. Unlike other types of flooring, the paint would stick to the material really well. A fresh coat of painting would easily cover unsightly stains without costing you an expensive new floor.

Buy a Carpet

Not all types of flooring are easy to paint over. You can still avoid the hassle of paying for installing a new floor buy buying a carpet or a rug. There are several options to consider here. You can get wall-to-wall carpets or a carpet that’s big enough for the room but doesn’t require any installation. If you are worried about stains, a large carpet can easily cover it up. Carpets are an excellent, budget-friendly solution when the floor problems are aesthetic, and not structural. Plus, carpets can protect flooring in high-traffic areas. Carpets are easy to clean as well. In case you are wondering if buying a carpet is going to cost as much as a new floor, the answer is probably not. There are low-cost but high-quality carpets sold in Australia by online retailers like Fantastic Rugs that is highly convenient when you want a great product without an inflated price tag.

Try Restoration for Marble or Stone Floors

In most instances, it may be just cheaper to restore the floor than the entirely replace it. Have deeply stained terrazzo flooring that no amount of scrubbing would improve? Don’t resort to replacement right away. You can hire a professional marble cleaner to remove deep stains and restore the tile back to original. In most cases, the professional cleaners would use a higher concentrate tile and grout cleaner to remove the stains. If the stains are deep set, the cleaners will cut off the top layer of the terrazzo tiles and polish it back to the original shine. It works similarly for other types of stone or marble flooring that expensive to buy and hard to keep in pristine condition. Restoration is budget friendly, and will also save homeowners the pain of having to temporarily relocate until the marble floors are redone.

You can also try using old furniture to cover up ugly spots. Use cupboards or cabinets to almost permanently obscure serious damage. Consider refinishing the floor before replacement as well. However, don’t try to cover up structural damage to the floor that would end up becoming a safety hazard. Otherwise, use the above tips to improve the overall looks of the flooring.