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How to secure your home when you’re away

If you are heading out of town for holiday and you have concerns that your home might be vulnerable to break-in or burglary, it can weigh heavy on your mind, to the point that it starts to detract from your holiday or time away. This should never be the case and there are plenty of ways and means to curb the vulnerability of a vacant property. Naturally it requires a degree of planning and forethought but with a little bit of effort your house should be as safe with you gone as when you are there. Here are a few tips to help ensure that everything is as you left it once you return.


One of the most important things about safety is the visibility and the presence of people. And what better people to have present than private security or police. If you have not partnered with a company for armed response, then make contact with one. This is not just about finding a company who will respond when the alarm goes off, one of the most underappreciated security guard services is the patrol. Make sure that your response company knows that you are going to be away and that they visit the property several times each day.


Timer switches for the lights are a great deterrent. Again, the idea is to create the impression that there are people at the property and what better way to do that than to have lights going on and off around the house at all times of the night. Make sure that your timer is active enough to keep any observers wondering. If the lights go off at 11pm and come on again at 6am, then you are creating the impression that everyone is asleep – which is what they like. Make sure lights go on and off at irregular times throughout the night.


Let your neighbours know that you are going to be away. If necessary, even give them keys and ask them to water plants and empty the post box. Remember it is about having movement on the property and making sure that it looks and feels actively tended to and inhabited. Burglars actively look for houses that appear void of people but full of possessions. Make it hard for them to establish your absence.


As much as it might seem like a nuisance to have people living in your house, it can be a real blessing – especially if they are people you know and trust, or people who come with good recommendations. Having people in your house is the same as being there yourself. There is a physical presence, the alarm is actively monitored, and the regular movement of people is a deterrent for burglars. It also means that dogs and animals don’t need to be sent to the kennels which is another big plus in eth security department. Also, as an alternative to old-school house-sitters, you could advertise your place on Air B&B and have people paying to be in your home. It goes a long way towards paying for your trip.