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How to get ahead in the world of finance

Woking with money and being the financial sector is something that many people aspire to. Perhaps it is due to the fact that people think working with money translates to getting rich. Perhaps though it is because it appeals to people’s sense of order. The finance sector is also large and very well established and there are many opportunities for work and building careers. But in a space that is so competitive and crowded, how do you stand out from the masses and make sure that you are noticed? For those looking to get ahead in the world of finance, here are a few tips to help get you to the top.

Build a clear picture

In order to be the best possible team player, you need to understand how all the parts of the team fit together. In soccer, if a defender doesn’t understand the role of the striker and how he operates, they will not be very good at keeping goals out. Similarly, they need to know what the goalkeeper does, and they need to have an intimate understanding of midfield play. If all they know is how to tackle and block shots, then they might be good on the practice ground, but their skills will not be enough to get them performing on match day. The same applies to the world of finance. It is imperative to know and understand what all the components parts of the company and industry do. So, for example, while you might be a book-keeper, you will benefit hugely if you completed one or two auditing courses, as it would help build a better picture of where you fit in the ecosystem.

Ask questions

In the world of finance, it is important to be brave and to ask questions? Almost inevitably those who follow the herd ended up lost broke or in trouble. So, ask the hard questions: where did this cash come from? Why is this share price performing so well? Where is the contract or the receipt that proves this purchase? Wherever you fit into the ecosystem, do not just accept things. Your role is to question and verify.

Be polite and friendly

All too often in an industry that deals with numbers and ledgers, it is very easy to lose your personality. The idea of ‘bean counters’ or ‘little grey men’ is one that is frequently associated with people in the financial industry and it is an image that often holds true. But it doesn’t have to be you. A smile and some nice words, the ability to be user-friendly as well as efficient are all huge positives and things that will get you noticed. Yes, when people are trusting you with their money or their assets they don’t want you to be laugh-a-minute and frivolous, but they will appreciate a smile and a kind word. As much as it is about efficiency and professionalism, these are still human relationships that we are talking about and you will shine if you show that side of your personality to your colleagues and clients.