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What Lies Ahead for the Housing Market – by REIA

REIA President, Mr David Airey will today present ‘What Lies Ahead for the Housing Market’ at the Australian Financial Review’s Residential Property Conference being held at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney.

“The presentation looks at where we are now and where the housing market is heading and aims to explain the behaviour of house prices and to identify factors that will affect future performance,” said Mr Airey.

To explain these factors, Mr Airey will look at the economic variables that affect house prices and additional factors that will have an impact on the dynamics of the market in the future.

“The conference is a great opportunity for those who have an interest in the property market and see the value in networking, gaining access to investors and being part of the conference debates,” continued Mr Airey.

“Some of the key issues that I will be addressing today are median house prices in Australia and key demand drivers and factors for the future, including: population and migration; household creation; supply of housing; composition of households; ageing of the population, and; tax structure,” concluded Mr Airey.

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