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How to give your bathroom a budget facelift

There are two rooms in the house which, when done well, add incremental value to your property. As much as you want your bedroom to be a comfortable and cosy place, it is your kitchen and your bathroom that are the two rooms that will come under the most scrutiny when you are looking to sell.  This is largely due to the fact that other rooms will be filled by a purchasers own furniture and art, while the fittings and stylings of the bathrooms and kitchens will stay as you move on. So with that in mind, here are a few ideas on how to make your bathroom look like a million bucks without spending that sort of money.

Add a dash of colour

One of the most unavoidable truths about bathrooms is that they will contain tiles of some sort. You just can’t get away from that. But there are tiles and there are tiles. Spend some time looking for something quality that can be added to the bathroom as a feature. Think splashback behind the basin, something in the shower or even a design on the bathroom floor. Look for a supplier who offers encaustic tile for sale and make your move. The beauty of these tiles is that they are multi-coloured but more importantly that the colour is not in the glaze, but in the tile itself. It’s quality and it’s lasting, and they make a fantastic impression – quite simply the just say class.

Shower Heads and Taps

Spend a little extra here to make a great impression. There are so many fittings to choose from these days and they are not expensive. Water saving shower heads are always a good idea, and as long as the taps look good, turn smoothly in the hand and don’t cost the earth, they will score bonus points with anyone who uses your facilities. The other great thing about these fixtures is that they can usually be changed very easily. If not as a D.I.Y. job then it’s just an hour’s worth of a plumbers time and  you’ve suddenly added real value to your residence.


If there is one room in your house that should have a plant, it’s your bathroom. A little greenery goes a long way to creating a relaxing atmosphere and if you position the plant in the right place you can potentially use it to hide things like damp or broken tiles. Don’t go over the top with too much greenery, make sure the plants are well maintained (you don’t want your bathroom to feel like a dilapidated greenhouse) and if that’s done, you can only help create a good impression.


Damp, frosted windows and dinginess are often the things that are associated with bathrooms. They are seldom places of light, which is sad, because what is better than looking out at the city lights while taking a shower or staring calmly into the garden while lying in a bubble bath. Frosted glass, or even a complete lack of windows often take away from the joy of bathing. So why not look to install shutters on your bathroom windows and replace the frosted glass with clear glass. That way if you want to open the shutters and let in the light you, but if you require a degree of privacy you can pull them closed for a while.