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Finding The Right Rental Home For Your Family

It can be very stressful to know that you have a specific date coming up when you need to move out of your current home and move into a new rental property. The hunt for a great home for your family begins, and you may be anxious about succeeding in your lease applications or finding a property that really suits your needs. Use these steps to ensure that your search is successful and that you move with minimal stress.

Get help from an agency.

Hunting for the perfect rental property for your budget and your family’s specific needs is a huge job, and one that you may not want to deal with without professional support. You can contact Balwyn real estate agents to get help narrowing the search down to properties that will actually fit your budget and meet the criteria for what you need. They’ll help save you plenty of time and potential wasted energy, and put you in touch with landlords who are looking for a tenant just like you.

Check out price ranges.

If you do your research ahead of time, you should be able to work out which specific areas and neighbourhoods are going to work well for your price range. Search for listings and check out the prices in a variety of locations that you’re interested in, then do more research to get all of the information you need about your potential new neighbourhood – like how close your property would be to public transport, and where the local school are located. This is a quick and easy way to rule out neighbourhoods that will be totally off base for your budget.

Make a priority list.

It’s great to have a list of the amenities and features you need from your new rental home before you begin the house hunting process. However, you probably can’t expect to find a property that offers every single feature and perk on your list. That’s where organising your list in order of priority can come in handy. Set the list up so that it runs in order from the most important features to those you can quite happily live without. This way, when you go to view properties, you can check off what they have and work out how important the missing features might be.

Get the right references.

When it comes to providing references for your real estate rental applications, family and friends’ contact numbers won’t cut it, especially if you’re looking to rent in a highly competitive area. Instead, you should contact previous estate agents or landlords that you’ve worked with in the past who you know you had positive experiences with and ask their permission to include them on your new rental applications. Hopefully, this will make your applications far more attractive.

Don’t be rash.

If you’re in a hurry to find a new property because your lease is ending soon and you’re beginning to panic, don’t make the all-too-common mistake of signing the first lease that comes your way. This often ends with tenants finding themselves stuck in a property that really doesn’t suit their needs and doesn’t work for their budget. Instead, give yourself a realistic amount of time to look at as many properties as possible.