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Everything You Need To Know For A Perfect Home Spa

Having a spa in your back garden or inside your home is a real luxury that can be well worth the investment. Whether you have a salt water spa bath in your yard that creates a dreamy seaside experience, or a hot Jacuzzi style spa for massage and relaxation, you’ll want to ensure that it’s maintained properly at all times so you can enjoy it for years to come. Make sure you understand all of the relevant equipment and cleaning steps required to keep your spa in perfect condition so it can continue to be an oasis of tranquillity in your life.

  1. Use quality materials. Because your spa needs to look gorgeous while withstanding the test of time and multiple chemicals, good quality building materials are essential to the construction process. Track down beautifully made tiles from suppliers like slatestone Australia, and choose designs that create the luxurious look and relaxed atmosphere you’ve been looking for.
  2. Build in hydro jets. You’ll have plenty of options available if you’re designing your own home spa, but hydro jets are definitely a must-have. They create that wonderful Jacuzzi effect, pushing air and water out through the jets to bubble up around you and massage your back as you recline. If you’re customizing your spa design yourself then you’ll be able to choose the number and placement of the hydro jets, and you should be able to choose a water pressure that suits your massage preferences.
  3. Sanitize regularly. To keep your spa clean and free from grime at all times, you’ll need to treat it with sanitizing solutions. Oxidizers, chlorine, and bromine are all common choices of sanitizing chemicals, and they should all do a good job of removing bacteria and other unwanted particulars from your spa water.
  4. Test your water balance. If the balance of the water in your spa falls out of sync, you could be left with cloudy, ugly water and irritated eyes. Unbalanced water can also cause problems with the equipment in your spa, leading to major maintenance issues in the future. Correctly balanced water has all the right levels of hardness, dissolved solids, and alkalinity. Water testing kits are available to help you determine the quality of your water, so use these several times a week if you’re often climbing in and out of your spa. If the water becomes unbalanced, sodium bicarbonate usually does the trick.
  1. Buy a skimmer. You won’t want to fish out debris and leaves from your spa buy hand every day, so buy a handheld water swimmer similar to the one you’d use for a regular pool to skim away any nasties that hover at the surface of the spa water. Covering the spa when you’re not using it will help reduce the need to clean the water, but regular skimming is still recommended.
  2. Change the water every six months. Although your home spa water will be kept fairly clean throughout the year by using sanitizing solutions and specialist spa cleaning products, you should still completely replace the water every six months or so. This ensures that any lingering bacteria or unbalanced water is done away with, and you’re able to start anew with a whole new spa experience.