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How To Enjoy The Great Outdoors During Winter

We’re so used to the sunny skies and high temperatures that winter can come as a bit of a shock to Australians. While the temptation to hibernate through the cooler months and wait until the temperature heats up to head back into nature may be strong, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you keep yourself locked up indoors for months on end. Getting outdoors is great for your mood, your health, and your fitness levels. Use these tips to make sure you spend plenty of time outside this winter.

  1. Make your patio area cold weather friendly. Many people neglect their garden and patio entirely once summer ends, but there’s no reason not to enjoy this beautiful aspect of your home just because it’s a little chillier outside. Create a warming, cosy outdoor space for yourself on your patio with outdoor gas heaters, plenty of soft throw blankets, and stylish cushions to add a splash of colour. With the warmth of the heater glowing on you, you can still enjoy meals outside with your family and sip on hot chocolate while you watch the stars at night, regardless of the weather.
  2. Take up jogging. If you’ve never been much of a runner before, winter is actually a better time to start in our region than the summer season. In the summer, the temperatures can get so high that new runners may find the process too uncomfortable. During winter, you can layer up with thermals to suit the temperature and then hit your local park or just jog around the neighbourhood and work up your own heat as your body gets used to the exercise. It’s a great way to improve your heart health, shed excess body fat, and boost your mood without having to sweat yourself into total misery.
  3. Keep up your walking routines. If you normally walk to the local shops during the summer but begin taking the car once it gets chilly, try to resist the urge to drive. Walking is a great habit, and skipping the car helps reduce your family’s carbon emissions. You’ll probably find that once you get moving, you naturally warm up anyway. Bring along a warm coat and some cosy boots if it’s really cold and you should be able to walk in comfort.
  4. Take advantage of sunny midday breaks. Many of us fall into the habit of taking lunch breaks in the office during winter because it doesn’t seem worth it to head outdoors when it’s not warm. A break from the surroundings of your office is great for your productivity and everyone needs some fresh air throughout their day – so seek out a café in your office’s vicinity with a heated patio so you can still have a relaxed lunch break without feeling too cold.
  5. Layer up. For many of us, taking hikes and walking along the beach is a regular part of our routine during the summer, but we tend to stay indoors during the winter. There’s no reason to abandon these healthy habits – just adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Work with thermal layers, hats, and a coat to keep your body warm and you’ll be able to take in your favourite natural scenery regardless of the season.