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Easy Home Decorations Tips for the Summer

Summer is almost here. It’s time to make the cosy winter interiors suitable for the warm months and the holiday season. Summer redecorating should start around right now. Here are some tips that will help you make your home ready for guests this summer:

Use Bold Colours Here and There

What do the warm months remind you of? Colourful flowers, clear blue sky, lively birds chirping? Colour should be a major theme in your home redecoration efforts. This is the one time of the year that you get to experiment with new and bold colours like purple, hot pink and bright green. You should compliment your existing interiors with bold highlights. For example, you can contrast neutral cream coloured wall paint in your living room with bright coloured cushion covers. Bold coloured patterns can add playfully elegant overtones to your rooms.

Hang Up Thin, Airy Curtains

Take off those thick, dark curtains you used for the winter. In the summer, you should hang up thin and fluttery curtains to make rooms looks good. Not only will thin curtains keep the heat out, they will also brighten up your rooms. If you really want to experiment, replace cloth curtains with bead curtains in certain areas.

Let the Light In

Natural light is the best decoration you can have inside your home in the summer. Remove thick curtains and other obstacles that keep the light out this season. Sunlight will gorgeously illuminate your rooms and glass decorations.

Add Touches of Nature

The summer season is defined by natural beauty. That’s what you should emphasize inside your home too. So, opt for natural ornaments like flowers for your rooms. You can source flowers from your garden to set up lovely vases in your living and dining rooms. You can also use uniquely shaped acorns, pinecones, and twigs to decorate interiors. You can get rid of them later.

Remove Thick, Old Rugs

Rugs can keep floors warm and pleasing to the eye in winter, but in the summer, rugs can be a nuisance. They can easily get dirty because people will be going in and out of the house in the warm months. They can easily get dusty during the dry months. Also, they can keep floors warmer than necessary in the summer. So, you should save your rugs and interior decoration by stowing these away until the cold months roll around once more. Keeping floors bare is the best option for the summer.

Increase Space Inside the Home

In the summer, you will be hosting guests inside the home. It’s the holiday season so you would be spending more time inside as well. Unlike in the winter, you might appreciate more space to move around. If you have any unnecessary furniture, store them away until you need them again to make space.

Yellow Highlights

Summer is closely associated with the colour yellow. So, don’t hesitate to include this colour in your house. You can add yellow highlights with curtains or other items. You can also buy your napkins, cutlery, or barbeque plates in yellow.

You can also fill your fireplace temporarily with large ornaments or flowers for the summer. Don’t forget a cocktail or juice bar; everyone needs to stay hydrated during the hot months. You can dedicate a space in your kitchen exclusively for juices. Try one or two of these tips to get ready for the summer.