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Design Tips for Stunning Outdoors

Don’t let interior designing dominate your summertime redecorating. When the sun is out, people prefer to spend time outside. That’s why you should focus on exterior design this season. Make your front porch, backyard, the garden and other outdoor areas eye-catchingly splendid with these easy tips:

Light it up!

Some homeowners consider spending money on exterior lights, beyond a bulb or two to illuminate a walkway, as a waste of money. That’s a common misconception. Proper lighting plays an important role in home design, whether indoors or outdoors. Lights outside are essential during night time for safety and ambiance. Your outdoor lighting needn’t consist of an unsightly bulb hanging from the front porch. You can make your outdoor area look truly exceptional with well-placed designer lights along walkways, and perhaps even vines of fairy lights around tree trunks. Consider using sensor lights for added security and to avoid the hassle of turning switches on and off.

Add colour with flowers

Gardening may not sound like the most desirable hobby for modern, hectic calendars. That doesn’t mean your outdoor landscape should suffer drabness. The best way to liven up a garden and improve the overall outlook of a property is to plant flowers. They will make your outdoors look vividly pleasant and mesmerizing, especially in the summer.  Find types of flowers that are easy to grow in your area. Marigolds, nemesias, Californian poppies, calendulas, sunflowers and pansies all grow without much work in most places in Australia. You only need to throw some seeds on fertile soil and water as needed. Try to mix up a variety of colours like blues, reds and yellow for a garden that looks like a rainbow.

Paint cement tiles

Outdoor area with cement tiles can be spectacularly re-done with some paint. Get rid of the general unremarkability of cement tiles by painting them in bright and contrasting colours like yellow and purple, or green and blue. It’s a very affordable yet highly innovative way to quickly give your outdoors a chic twist.  Combine painted tiles with trendy furniture to create a charming outdoor area to receive guests and spend warm evenings chatting away.

Add fun items

Make your backyard a fun place to hang out at with barbeque grills, outdoor pizza ovens and fire pits. These items do not cost a lot and are well worth the money. Summers should be spent outdoors, but not without food or a cosy place to sit. You can throw great backyard parties and amaze guests with pizza made in your own clay oven. Enjoy memorable summer evenings around a firepit with coloured flames (simply use boric acid-treated firewood).  Most backyard additions are extremely easy to install without help. Some are specially designed for DIY-ers.

Create an outdoor lounge

Take advantage of your porch or patio and turn it into a luxurious outdoor lounge to hang out during long summer afternoons. You don’t actually need to spend a lot of money. Buy cheap, vintage furniture instead of new ones. Old furniture, unless they are collectibles, tend to be cheap while being timelessly stylish. Mend and repaint these as necessary, which will still cost less than buying new furniture. Spend the money you saved on fancy cushion covers, tablecloths and similar accessories. Now you have a ritzy outdoor lounging area to show off to guests. Truly celebrate the summer spirit with a vase of fresh flowers from your garden (if you have one).

Set up an outdoor dining area

Dine alfresco in a lush garden by making space for an eating area. Outdoor dining tables and chairs do not take up large areas of space, so even a small garden can accommodate one. You can make space if necessary by moving flowerpots or clearing off the clutter that usually gathers in the backyard. Set up the tables and chairs in a shady area for comfort and verdant views. Save money by using old tables or chairs for your outdoor dining area instead of wasting cash on new ones that’ll soon be out of style. Old-looking furniture complements the natural setting of alfresco dining. Add to the style with vintage tableware, if you can find some.

All in all, use your imagination to make your outdoor area look exceptional. There’re hardly any taboos when it comes to exterior design, save for bad lighting. Go crazy this summer and don’t let the season pass you by.