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Décor tips for the outdoors

When the temperature soars, bright skies and perfect outdoor weather lure you outside. If you plan on spending time entertaining, lounging or watching the kids play, it’s essential to have a quiet, shaded area that is not only comfortable but also protects you from the elements. If your current space lacks the charm and needs a bit of an update, then look no further.

Decorating the outdoors is quite similar to the inside of the house. Small additions like furniture, potted plants or getting some outdoor lights or designer cushions online can really spruce up the place.

Go Bold

Want a fun and exciting look for your outdoor space? Why not opt for some colourful accessories? Go for outdoor couch cushions in bold hues or various prints like stripes, florals or polka dots and dress up your chair or seating arrangement.

Monochrome is in

Give your outer living / entertainment area a fresh look by going for a monochrome look. This way the look will feel polished without looking overdone. The essentials like stools, tables and umbrella will be in grey, black and white and you can add colour through accessories.

Au Natural

If you have got a bit more time and the creative flair, you could opt for a bigger project and repurpose a whole room. To make an outdoor area more spacious, why not remove the walls diving it? Create a quiet, intimate space with fresh plants, wicker furniture and a fire pit to enjoy family gatherings or entertain larger groups of people.

Comfort at best

If you have a large space and would like to separate sections off for a bit of privacy, why not opt for a wooden fence? It will work as a décor whilst also serving its purpose of blocking your space from prying eyes. It’s important to really plan what you want to include in the space before you block it.

Relax in style

If you find yourself wanting to decorate your outdoor space but are running short on cash, why not make do with a few things from the inside? By thinking creatively you can save some money and spend it on the essentials. Bring a trunk from inside and use it as a bench or coffee table. Then add some cushions and potted plants to bring the whole look together.

Party time

If you would like to convert your outdoor space into an entertaining area, choose good quality outdoor furniture that are sturdy and weather resistant yet stylish enough to blend with the rest of the décor.

Let the light in

During the day, the sun will let in plenty of natural light but if you would like to make use of the space during the evening and at night why not consider solar lighting around the area. They can charge during the day and light up the place beautifully during the night. Another suggestion is to hang lanterns for a soft festive glow. If you would like to use the area for doing some reading, opt for a fluorescent light for more powerful glow.