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Your Complete Guide To Moving Without The Meltdown

Believe it or not, moving to a new home doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. It can be an exciting and even fun experience, as long as you prepare in the right way and get the appropriate support to help you out. Make sure your big move is as low-stress as possible so you can settle into your new home feeling calm and at ease. Use this quick and simple moving guide to make it possible.

Hire The Right People

Your move can go from quick and simple to complete chaos if you hire an inexperienced or incompetent service for any part of your move. For example, using a buyers agent Brisbane will ensure that you’re able to find the perfect property for your family in the area of your choice, taking some of the responsibility and stress off your shoulders. They can also help you with many of the tricky details that come with moving, from switching your utilities provider to finding the right school for your kids.

Gather Your Supplies

When you’re packing up one house and moving to another, making sure you have the right supplies on hand will keep you from experiencing any last-minute panics during the move. Assume that you’ll need more boxes than you expect – they can fill up very quickly and you’ll need all the space you can get to pack wisely. You’ll also need plenty of masking tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and thick black markers to label every box before you leave. Grab extras of everything so you’re confident that you have everything necessary to pack up quickly and in an organised manner.

Plan In Advance

Everything about the moving process will be easier if you make plenty of plans well in advance of the moving date. Things can change quickly and you’ll want to have the time and space to be flexible as the move progresses. You should also book your moving trucks and any assistance you’re using to get through the move several months before the date – this way you’ll have everything booked and ready to go long before the time comes to move. If you’re going to have family and friends over to help with the packing or to provide childcare or pet-sitting help, let them know what day you’ll need them ahead of time.

Pack By Room

Packing can be a little overwhelming, but you can help break it down and make it simpler by packing up your boxes in order of the room they’ll be used for. Remember to label each box so you know what type of items are inside, and where the in the house they belong. Group them together on the moving truck so they can be unpacked quickly when you arrive.

Schedule Wisely

If you organise your time spent packing and moving to a new home, you can take most of the panic out of the process. Give yourself enough time to get everything packed up in a calm and orderly fashion. Schedule in plenty of breaks to relax, sip some coffee, and maintain a feeling of calm normality. If things start to feel a little stressful, don’t be afraid to rope in some extra help and delegate some of the tasks to others.