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Latest Westpac Economic News by Bill Evans

Westpac Chief Economist Bill Evans and his team produce this bite-sized roundup of the week’s economic news and events, with clear analysis and insight plus the outlook for the week ahead.

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10 Worst Places to Invest – Terry Rider

Terry Ryder bought his first house in 1981 and been involved in real estate as an investor, researcher and writer ever since. He has accumulated three decades of experience as a journalist, author and researcher specialising in residential property. He is the author of four books on residential real estate and a specialist property writer for newspapers, magazines and websites. ...

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Sydney is lagging behind Melbourne in growth of property market: what are the impacts for home buyers in these cities?

Aussie’s John Symond looks at the fact that Melbourne is growing faster than Sydney. What are the impacts for home buyers in these cities? John Symond, Executive Chairman of Aussie, is widely credited with bringing competition to the Australian home lending industry, forcing the banks to drop their mortgage interest rates and lifting their service levels.

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