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Here’s How You Can Build Wealth Through Property Investment

Property investment is a popular way to boost your earnings and save for the future. When done with clear guidance and a well thought-out strategy, you could make all of your financial ambitions a reality without sacrificing the kind of lifestyle you enjoy. This is not a speedy get rich quick scheme, but a long-term wealth building strategy that will ...

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A Sound Investment

Any savvy investor or financial advisor will tell you that the best and safest way to invest is to: understand the risks involved in different types of investments; know what you want and why, and what timeframe to achieve this goal; and diversify your investments. Diversifying your investments means spreading your money across different asset classes (e.g. cash, fixed interest, ...

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What to Expect from the Settlement Process

The settlement is the final step in the conveyance process. It is when all the legal formalities of the case will be finalized. It indicates that the transfer of the property or assets will be fully transferred to the buyer. It is also here, that the last payments to the vendor will take place. The complex nature of the events ...

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Things that You Can Do in the Real Estate Sector

Housing is one of the most basic human requirements. It has been so from the olden day, until it has developed into a full-fledged business today. Today, we need housing for almost everything, such as to make a home, to do a business and even to go on holiday. There is a lot of opportunity in the real estate business ...

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Top Reasons to use a Buyer’s agent

Buyer’s agents are great help when you want to purchase a new property but don’t want to go through the hassle of searching and negotiating. The property market in Melbourne is continually on the rise so an agent is great help. Buyer’s agents charge for finding, negotiating the best price and closing the sale on your behalf. You may be confused ...

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