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Switching your Home Loan

A home loan is a long agreement that typically last 10, 20, possibly even 30 years. Over this time, a lot of things can change in a persons financial situation. Fortunately, the terms of a home loan contract arent permanent. It is possible to switch a home loan through something call a refinance. What is a Home Loan Refinance? A ...

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Australian residential property – where are we at?

According to the latest Residential Property Survey from NAB,  Australian residential property prices have no where else to go – they have pretty much bottomed out. National house prices fell 1.3 per cent during March, following a 2 per cent decline in prices during the December quarter of 2011. Western Australia has managed to loose the least from it’s property ...

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Financial Security vs Home Ownership

There has been a change to what most of us perceive to be the “Great Australian Dream”. The white picket fences no longer hold the same allure they once had. Now we want to have financial independence or financial security and are happy to sacrifice home ownership in the process. A new survey by superannuation fund SunSuper has found “owning ...

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Property auctions show poor results

New data from Australian Property Monitors has revealed that overall property auctions did not perform well this weekend. It seems that only 60.3 per cent of properties offered for auction in Sydney over the weekend, actually achieved a sale – slightly higher than the 56.4 per cent recorded this time last week. In Adelaide and Brisbane the results were much ...

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Property owners facing negative equity

New data indicates that a significant number of property owners are finding themselves in the position of negative equity, whereby their property is now worth less than they had paid for it when they made a purchase. In some cases they appear to have higher home loans than the current value of their property. According to new RP Data figures, ...

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