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How to buy cleaning products

Cleaning products are often made using very potent chemicals. The potency of the chemicals they are made out of is what makes them effectively. Unfortunately, that potency of the chemicals the cleaning products are made out of can also make them hazardous. That is what makes the task of buying cleaning products a tricky one for you have to balance between safety and efficacy. And as we have already noted, some of the chemicals that bring about the efficacy of the cleaning products are rather hazardous. Thankfully though, there are some chemicals that, when properly used, can result in cleaning products that are highly effective, yet not hazardous.
One thing that can really help you when buying cleaning products is awareness about the ingredients in cleaning products which are known to be truly hazardous. Take, for instance, the chemicals known as ethoxylates that are often used in making cleaning products. These have been shown by credible research to be highly dangerous, and it would be in your best interests to avoid cleaning products containing them. An example of an ethoxylate is bisphenolA. So if a cleaning product contains that particular chemical as an ingredient, it would make sense for you to avoid it: unless you are ready to deal with something like cancer or reproductive dysfunction later.

We also have some of the ingredients added to cleaning products to improve fragrances being rather hazardous. You know that a product is truly hazardous when you come to learn that it is actually capable of altering your hormones!

Besides the ethoxylates like bisphenolA, other compounds worth avoiding are triclosan (which is an antimicrobial agent) and the whole range of ethanolamines. These will often be found in carpet cleaners as well as detergents.

The challenge that people looking to buy cleaning products often face is, of course, that of being able to figure out the ingredients in the chemical products. You may, for instance, be keen on avoiding cleaning products containing triclosan, but how are you to identify them? That becomes challenging, because the makers are likely to just indicate that their products contain an antimicrobial without indicating which particular antimicrobial agent (e.g. triclosan) their products contain. Thing is, most of these cleaning products manufacturers only indicate the function of the ingredients, without mentioning the names of the ingredients.

Thankfully, there are some ratings scales that have been developed to help people looking to buy cleaning products to do so with confidence. If, for instance, you come across a cleaning product bearing the design for environment logo, you can be sure that that is a relatively safe product. The environmental working group has also taken the trouble to investigate various cleaning products, and developed what they refer to as a guide to healthy cleaning. This is a guide which you can search through, to identify good cleaning products. The GoodGuide can also help you a great deal, as can the Whole Foods EcoScale Rating System. Remember, the consequences of using some of the hazardous products are dire, and going through the trouble of looking for healthier alternatives is definitely worthwhile.