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Air conditioning options necessary for home renovation

If you stay in Melbourne and are planning to start with a home renovation or repairing project soon, then you will also in most cases, need to update your AC. If you want to upgrade your AC or want your room’s cooling load to rise higher, then there is an armada of cost effective air conditioning Melbourne services available. In a few of the home restoration projects, the size and envelope of your home might remain in the very same state as before. However, you might wish to elevate your home’s square footage by means of some kind of additions that you can adjust your homes home comfort equipment.

Air conditioning in the present day plays quite a vital role especially in places where the temperature is humid and hot like Melbourne. It helps to filter the air and adds comfort to the surrounding. Air conditioners generate a relaxed condition for human beings. Also in such a condition, the work efficiency definitely rises higher; since people do not feel any discomfort and can work with great energy. The air is not contaminated. It helps in circulating filtered air which is free from microorganisms, grime, bacteria and dirt. It assists in creating a healthy atmosphere which inevitably improves one’s health.

Let us know more about ‘Residential Cooling Solutions’ and how are they beneficial for your home:

  • Split Air Conditioning Systems


  • It comes with multiple indoor units with a single outdoor unit
  • Fantastic energy star rated
  • It comes with single room temperature controlling features
  • Low on maintenance and gets cleaned easily
  • The overall running cost counts to 10 cents per hour (this will again depend on the size of the unit you opt for)

How is a Split air conditioning system beneficial for your house?

Split System can be conveniently fixed to individual rooms, different sections or if need be, also in multiple rooms. It is linked through copper piping to a condenser (outdoor unit). One can easily get multi-head split air conditioning systems installed in approximately nine rooms at a go. The good part is it will only require a single outdoor unit. For each of the rooms, you can control the temperature individually.

  • Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems


  • The entire home gets fresh and natural air through this cooling system
  • It is very much cost effective
  • It is regarded as the most reasonable form of ducted cooling
  • It remains unaffected even if the heat is intense

How does it work?

Evaporative cooling utilizes water’s innate cooling properties to ensure that the room’s temperature eventually lowers down. On the roof of your house, a ducted cooling unit gets installed. It is then linked to a string of outlets which is eventually placed all across the house. This unit helps to pull in clean air from outside. When the air moves across the filter pads, the air is then cooled down. It is then moved into different rooms. The hotter the air, the more effective and better will be the cooling effect.

  • Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Its features:

  • It has a highly updated, unique and inventive inverter technology
  • In most of the climatic condition, this system works competently
  • It is quite cost-effective

How does it work?

As we all know relaxing and obtaining a cool night sleep in an Australian weather can be quite a huge challenge. However with a reverse-cycle AC system, you will be able to control your room’s temperature as per your needs.

Ducted heating and cooling technique provides most of the homes in Melbourne all year round quite a comfortable temperature, irrespective of what the weather condition is. It helps to quickly remove traces of humidity and filters in fresh and clean air.

When this operation gets reversed, one can gain benefit of economic heating. Rather than throwing out the hot air and flowing cool air, it works in a reverse manner.

Air conditioners like this are available for expensive as well as simple rooms. They are wall-mounted split and com with a completely ducted refrigerated system. They are available in different sizes from 1hp to 80hp.

  • Multi-Head Air Conditioning

It’s Features:

  • It helps to save a lot of space (one outdoor unit)
  • It can control temperature of individual rooms
  • For different rooms specific AC needed
  • One of the most reasonable means of zoning

What are its benefits?

From the term ‘multi-head’ you can understand that it is a split system which has at least two or more than two interior units. In very room, one unit is placed which will be able to cool or heat the room. There is one unit placed outdoor or at the back section of your home. Again the make that you select will depend on the number of rooms you require to cool or heat.