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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Housing affordability is yet to be addressed

According to a report by a housing action group, an average Sydney-sider needs to spend more than 8 years worth of salary to purchase a home in Sydney. This represents an increase from 5 years of salary in 2001. This is still a problem despite the fact that most states have seen a drop in property prices over the past ...

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Banks hold worries over viability of development loans

According to reports in the media, at least one of the big four banks is showing hesitation to provide property development loans both residential and commercial, given the perceived risks in many projects. The Australian reports that according to documents they were able to access at least 61 projects across Australia have been tagged as having retail or commercial areas ...

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Australian capital city properties grow in value during 2011

Despite all the gloom and doom and talk of significant drops in property values across the country – it seems that things are not so bad. New research by RP data states that most Australian capital cities have actually enjoyed a slight increase in property values during 2011. Sydney, Canberra and Darwin have all managed to show some price appreciation  ...

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