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Daily Archives: 10/06/2010

Major Inner-Sydney Development Committee to change

The NSW  Minister for Planning has announced that Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) will be changed. The CSP  responsible for decision-making on large development proposals in the City of Sydney local government area, will be reviewed. Minister for Planning, Tony Kelly, said the CSPC has been in operation for 22 years. “It’s now timely to review how it is working ...

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10 Worst Places to Invest – Terry Rider

Terry Ryder bought his first house in 1981 and been involved in real estate as an investor, researcher and writer ever since. He has accumulated three decades of experience as a journalist, author and researcher specialising in residential property. He is the author of four books on residential real estate and a specialist property writer for newspapers, magazines and websites. ...

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Real-Estate Agents get into client hypnosis

What will they think of next? Real Estate Agents are now learning hypnosis in order to apply their new found skills in the sales process. The sales skills of Real Estate Agents are now being upgraded to appeal to the subconscious mind of buyers and sellers. But it is far more subtle than waving a pocket watch in front of ...

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