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Daily Archives: 04/06/2010

Regional First Home Owners Grant Now Available in QLD

Premier Anna Bligh has announced that the Regional First Home Owner Grant (RFHOG) will be available from 1 June 2010. Under the initiative, the federal government’s First Home Owners Grant will be boosted from $7,000 to $11,000 by the state government for first-time buyers in the state’s regional areas. Ms Bligh said that the RFHOG had been brought forward from ...

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Go green – $1000 rebate for a solar hot water system

Federal Government is offering a range of incentives to help Australian households reduce carbon pollution in their homes. For example, the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme offers eligible Australian households a $1000 rebate for a solar hot water system, or a $600 rebate for a heat pump system. electricity comparison The Scheme replaces the home insulation program and the solar hot ...

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Brisbane homes have become less affordable

Perth is the NO One city for least affordable homes Australia , BRISBANE is No Two, with nine out of 10 city dwellers paying over-the-top house prices. One in five Queenslanders on moderate incomes buy homes within their means but when it gets to Brisbane just 9.8 per cent of houses are affordable. This cost of living squeeze is detailed ...

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